Everyday Scarf

$18.00 On Sale

-Approx. 74 x 34 inches
-Dyed by hand with plant-derived dyes
-100% cotton gauze with raw edges
-Made-to-order; ready to ship in 3-5 business days

This gorgeous, lightweight beauty will add a pop of color and texture to any outfit! Dyed by hand in small batches, the color from our plant-based dyes and natural, raw-edge cotton make for an accessory that is equal parts relaxed and beautiful. Pair with a t-shirt and jeans, your favorite sweater or a sundress... you really can’t go wrong!

Offered in three colorways that vary with each batch:
Blush (ranges from light pink to peach)
Toasted (ranges from warm chestnut brown to taupe)
Fog (range of greys with hints of blue, purple or brown depending on the batch)

Note: Because each piece is dyed by hand, and every hand-extracted batch of dye is different, there will be some variation in color. We think this is part of what makes our process and products so special. However, if you don't love surprises or one-of-a-kind character marks, our scarves may not be right for you.