What materials are used in your natural dyeing process?

Most of our textiles are made using nothing but natural fabrics (cotton and silk), water and plants. Because of the plants we choose and the kettle-dyed process used, often times no additional fixatives are required. If we do need an additional mordant, it is always something you could buy at your own grocery store (vinegar, salt, alum). We also use an iron bath to shift or darken some of our pigments. All items are washed using a gentle, plant-based soap before and after dyeing.

You can be sure our textiles are always natural, safe and beautiful.

I've heard that a lot of natural dyes just fade over time. Are the dyes you use colorfast?

The short answer is: yes. With proper care and washing, your garment should hold its color beautifully. Natural pigments can be more susceptible to fading than synthetic dyes, especially when exposed to harsh detergents or sunlight, so following our care instructions is very important.

I read something about sending you my avocado skins and pits in exchange for store credit. What are the details?

Read more about our Avocado Waste Exchange Program here.

Please direct any further questions or wholesale inquiries to hello@naturallydyedgoods.com