Care Instructions

Our delicate fabrics and natural dyes require just a little extra love! (We think all good things are worth the work.) Follow care instructions carefully to best maintain the color and texture of your garment.

-Hand wash all scarves in cold water. Some excess color may release during first few washes. Air or tumble dry.

-For our Square, Everyday, Pacific Wrap & Tumeric-Infused Scarves: you may wish to shape the raw edge of your garment while wet and trim stray threads from time to time.

-For our Turmeric-Infused Scarf: Follow above instructions for washing. Additionally, store garment out of direct sunlight to best preserve color. Contact us if you'd like your garment re-infused at any time, free of charge.

-For all silk items: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent (we like Dr. Bronner's Unscented castille soap, but any gentle, plant-based soap will do). Air dry. Iron while damp. 

Any further questions, feel free to email us: