It began with a big idea in a suburban kitchen: we need to be more mindful about the products we put on our bodies and their effects on our planet. Gorgeous textiles can be made using ingredients from our gardens, kitchen pantries, compost bins, and even foraged from our front yards and sidewalks. We can do better than synthetic dyes in industrial vats that pollute our waterways, and we don't have to sacrifice beauty to do so.

At Naturally Dyed Goods, we believe that the dyes we derive in small batches from plant sources are some of the loveliest colors that nature has to offer, but more than this, we are committed to practices and materials that are safe for our bodies and homes. Our traditional techniques do not require or create harsh chemicals or byproducts. Our fabrics are 100% cotton and silk and our mordants and dyes are food-grade and plant-based: safe, gentle, beautiful. Peace of mind looks good on you.

About the Maker | Mykala Micek

Mykala stumbled upon natural dyeing by accident and instantly fell in love with the process. She has education and experience in movement arts, choreography, yoga, counseling and writing, and is enthralled by the psychology of creativity and play. 

Always a maker, Mykala began Naturally Dyed Goods out of a passion for creating, an infinite appreciation of the beauty of nature, and a deep commitment to showing her daughter that women have the power to make things happen in this world. This brand and these goods are her labor of love.